Traditional artistry.
Contemporary functionality.

Todd Jeffrey Ellis is a silversmith working in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. His art and design work takes the purity and traditional design found in colonial silversmithing and infuses it with innovative contemporary functionality.

Watch Jeffrey demonstrate Silversmithing in his Haliburton Studio.

Featured Work

The Ceremonial Mace of Fleming College

I was honoured to be asked to design and create the Sir Sandford Fleming College Ceremonial Mace this year. After many months of working on it in my studio it was so exciting to see it used for the first time at the graduation ceremony for the Fleming College Haliburton School of Art and Design campus 2019.

Fleming College’s formal celebrations feature a beautiful hand-crafted ceremonial mace. Esteemed silversmith, Todd Jeffrey Ellis, was commissioned in September 2018 to design and create the mace, as a symbol of Fleming’s leadership, authority, and values.

Fleming College Press Release

The mace also features woodwork by Kevin Dunlop, artist and past Fleming instructor, and gemstones by Michael Bainbridge, mineralogist, artist and Fleming instructor.