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Silversmithing/ Metalsmithing/ Jewellery Open Studio

Silversmithing/ Metalsmithing/ Jewellery
Open Studio

Aug 08, 2022 – Aug 12, 2022
Haliburton School of the Arts
Haliburton, Ontario

This course is suitable for all skill and experience levels.

You must contact me with your project idea prior to class in order to arrive with the appropriate material for your unique project. Contact me with your Open Studio project idea for more information:

Jeffery is an amazing instructor! I learned so much in his class.

Student in Silversmithing Open Studio 2015

A supportive, open studio concept will enable you to experience the wide variety of projects that metalworking techniques can be used for. From raising a vessel of sterling silver or copper, forming bangles and sculptural jewellery, to embellishing mild steel components of bicycles and motorcycles, the possibilities are boundless. Beginners are welcome and experienced students will be accommodated with appropriate challenge and guidance. Working one-on-one with the instructor, you will be guided to bring the metal forming project you choose to an exciting functional conclusion.

The Haliburton School of the Arts is located in beautiful Haliburton, Ontario. This inspirational lakeside campus is surrounded by the forests of the Haliburton highlands

Past Student Work

Below is a gallery of past student work demonstrating the many diverse techniques you can learn in my Open Studio course at the Haliburton School of the Arts.

Chasing and repoussé

Repoussé is the decorative process of pressing out a sculptural shape from the metal, usually from the back, utilizing punches and hammers. Repoussé is usually followed by chasing. Chasing tools are used on the front of the piece for design definition and development.

Student chasing and repousse - fender
Student work by Dave Watson. Chasing and repoussé “Skull & Flame” on a motorcycle fender

Silversmithing (raising)

Raising is the process of making hollowware from a flat sheet of metal. This is achieved by hammering the sides up gradually, in rounds, on anvils or metal working stakes.

Student Raising Work
Student work by Brad Hanna (right). Trophy for the Ontario Veterinary College Challenge Cup for the OVC’s annual hockey tournament in Guelph. Brad made the trophy over multiple years in the Open Studio course.
In the News: The Haliburton Echo

Hockey Memento Takes Shape in HSAD Class

Read more about the trophy in the Haliburton Echo article “Hockey memento takes shape in HSAD class

Fold Forming

Fold-forming is a technique of folding and unfolding metal to create unique three-dimensional forms. You can focus on learning this technique in Open Studio to create jewellery and other art objects.

Student fold forming work from Open Studio